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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Why Covishield (Corona Vaccine) is less effective in some patients

Hello friends, 

 I asked all my doctor friends out of curiosity if they have seen Cold Chain Maintenance by taking Covishield Vaccine. When asked by many, Dr. Abhi Annadate said, "No. I sat on a stool like a sensible patient, put it on my arm, vaccinated. I took it and sat in the hall for half an hour, there was no reaction, I took paracetamol tablets, thanked Sister and the person who gave me the pills and walked home. I didn't see what Sister had pierced, where she had put it, where she had taken it out. It doesn't even come to mind. "This is a very representative answer. Everyone did the same and
there is nothing wrong with that.

 But I visited two vaccination centers as the responsibility of IMA, YEOLA BR.PRESIDENT. 

 So the following type was found 

where in one place the vial was in an ice cube but the ice cube contained water instead of ice. In another place, at four o'clock, the vaccine fell on the vaccine vial on the wool table through the west window. In both cases, there was no cold force to hold the vaccine vial. This story is heartbreaking for all of us. So I decided to start an awareness campaign among doctors about this as a representative of IMA. This article 
........... If the current corona vaccination does not maintain cold chain, this vaccination campaign will be a curse instead of a boon. Because .... 

 1. The Covishield vaccine is a life saver ... but it is just as fragile. 

2. It is useful only if its temperature is maintained at 2 to 10 Degree celcius. 

 3. If the temperature is not maintained, injection of vaccine will be like injection of distilled water and it will be of no use. And Corona will happen again. 

 4. The journey from the time the vaccine is made in the factory to the time it is injected directly into the patient is very long and goes through many stages. It goes through many people, vehicles, storage refrigerators, injectors.

 5. Maintaining its temperature at 2 to 8 degrees during all these journeys means maintaining its cold chain is a very complex and responsible task. 

 6. There is talk in the media today that some people are getting coronary heart disease even after taking both doses. So for those people, it's a "cold chain that hasn't been maintained." The possibility that the vaccine has been injected cannot be ruled out. 

 7. Because a simple fridge does not work to store this vaccine. This is because its temperature is constantly fluctuating. Suppose this simple fridge is closed for a long time, e.g. When it is closed overnight, the temperature drops below 2 degrees. Ice is formed and if the fridge is opened, the cold air inside is heavy and it goes down quickly to the feet. As the hot air cools, the latency heat releases 540 calories as the temperature drops by one degree Celsius, so the air inside the fridge is initially heated and the temperature immediately rises to a maximum of 8 degrees. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Also, even if the vaccine is accidentally frozen, it loses its potency. A special ILR (Ice Lined Refrigerator) is required for such vaccines. Its structure consists of vertical ice-filled tubes attached to each other. Besides, it is horizontal, so when opened, the heavy cold remains in it and its temperature is stable at 2 to 8 degrees. We all know this. "I don't want to ice the vaccine, I want to keep it next to the ice." 

 8. There may be such ILRs in government hospitals, but it is important to make sure that there are freezers in the private hospitals that administer the vaccine. If not, private vaccination centers should be closed immediately. 
 9. The journey and handling of the vaccine from this ILR to the patient is very important and responsible. 8. In order to remove the vaccine from the ILR and deliver it to the vaccine center, it has to be dropped in the "Vaccine Carrier" box. So this "vaccine carrier" It is not possible to take a handful of onions and potatoes and put them in a vaccine carrier by placing them in a vaccine bottle which is called "Vail" in medical language as it will come in contact with the body and its temperature will reach 37.5 degrees and the vaccine will be useless. 

 10. So ... each of these should be picked up one by one with the tweezers already cooled and put in the vaccine carrier. 10. This vaccine carrier should be chilled with an ice pack one hour in advance. Otherwise the vaccine carrier is taken and filled with the vaccine in it, while the air at this room temperature i.e. 28-30 degrees can cause the vaccine to fail by increasing the temperature of the vaccine vial in this vaccine carrier. The vaccine carrier should be tightly closed when the vaccine is filled. 

 11. Now, at the vaccination center, the vaccine should be taken by the carrier leader in the shade and in an AC vehicle. In any case, the leader of the vehicle should take care that the heat coming from the window of the vehicle does not fall on it. 
 12. Vaccine should be taken out one by one for injecting with the help of pre-cooled tweezers. 

13. Keep the extracted vaccine in an ice pack. Instead, in many places, the vaccine vial (bottle) is seen lying on the table outside, or if it is kept in an ice pack, but the ice pack contains ice water, but the new ice pack is not taken, or summer has just started, the window is warming up. If these vaccine vials are seen on that table, then such vaccines will be of no use. 

14. The last and most important step where the mistake is made is not to hold the vaccine bottle with all fingers or fists. Because if it is straightforward, the temperature of the vaccine will be the same as the body and the vaccine will be useless. To do this, grab the bottle by the thumb and the finger near the thumb and hold it at the mouth of the bottle where there is a rubber butt (stop rubber) inside and remove the required dose from it and immediately place the bottle in the ice pack. This means that the temperature will be maintained. This is the process. In-depth training is given to all health workers. But due to the work ethic, it is ignored by the actual vaccinator. And if that happens, this drug worth crores of rupees will be wasted and this huge amount of labor will be wasted. To prevent this from happening, mobile teams should be formed to monitor this. They should keep a close eye on this vaccination. 

 Officials say the vaccine has a 70% potential. It really will be. But even though the vaccine has a capacity of 70-80 per cent, which means it cannot provide 100 per cent protection, if a vaccine with a strict cold chain maintenance is injected, the 70 per cent protection that will be given will save lives. There will be no death. But if the vaccine that is not maintained in cold chain is injected, no one will be protected from corana at all .... 
 but .... 
 but ...... 
People will be under the delusion of getting vaccinated ... they will not wear masks ... stop taking care Will do. And then corona cases will continue to grow at a similarly rapid rate. This orgy of death will continue like this. Instead of getting protection from vaccination, it will be a curse to you. 
This should be noted with good conscience and care. Dr. S. Patil ... President, I. M. A. Yeola 

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