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Monday, March 22, 2021

Dangerous Hybrid Corona strain ; Rises the concern of Worlds Scientists


Pune: While the corona has exploded in the state, now another shocking information has come to light. The threat of hybrid corona virus has increased in the world. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Scientists do not know how dangerous this new virus is.

The new hybrid corona virus is currently spreading rapidly around the world. This hybrid virus is born from a combination of two viruses.

The virus is transmitted from person to person. Dave Vaninsberg, a scientist at Emory University in the United States, has brought this hybrid virus to the world's attention.

The hybrid virus is a combination of B.117 in the UK and B.1.429 in California.

The virus is currently spreading in Los Angeles, USA. The new virus also has the ability to neutralize antibodies.

The spike proteins of the hybrid virus are stronger than those found in Wuhan.

It is questionable how effective the current corona vaccine is against the new virus.

A new wave of corona has arrived in many countries, not just the United States. The corona exploded in Mumbai and Maharashtra. In this case, the hybrid corona virus is even more worrying.

Experts say that since the virus is rapidly changing its structure, vaccine production also needs to change.

The reason why many people get corona infection even after getting vaccinated is because of hybrid corona, isn't it? Such a question is currently present.

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